How can I prevent a pregnancy?

Patient: We are newly married couple and we have sex before 3 days.the problem is we dont want childrens right now,so please advise a medicine that can stop pregnancy

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Since it has already been 3 days that your couple had sex, neither of the methods would work even the emergency contraceptive pills or the morning after pill would work only if used within 72 hours from the unprotected sexual intercourse. If the female spouse menstrual cycle is regular, check if it was in the safe period, in such case your couple may be safe. If she does not get her menstrual cycle 7 to 10 days past her expected day of period opt for a home pregnancy test, if it is negative no problem, but if positive approach a doctor for medical prescription (vaginal insert pills and abortion pill) for an abortion. It is also advisable that your couple approach a good doctor discuss your options and the female spouse menstrual history, based on which she can suggest good modes of contraception. Condoms for emergency contraception and use of birth control pills will help avoid an unwanted pregnancy in future with minimal side effects. It is always better to avoid an unwanted pregnancy than to go for an abortion.Hope that answers your query. Have a happy married life.