How can I prevent hair loss?

Patient: I am 18 and had very nice hair a few years ago. From the last ,I am having massive hair loss, every time I touch my hair a whole lot of it comes in my hand. I have tried almost everything but nothing seems to work. Please advice me what should I do because I am worried a lot .

Doctor: Hello,I understand that you are having severe hair loss which is sudden in onset.Severe hair loss over few months is called telogen effluvium.It is a hair loss pattern usually triggered by a physical illness ( like viral fever, typhoid fever, hepatitis, etc), surgery, crash dieting or severe weight loss which you would have had about 3 – 6 months prior to onset of hair fall.It could also occur to underlying anaemia, thyroid abnormalities and after child birth.You need to check your hemoglobin levels, serum ferritin levels and thyroid status and if there is any underlying abnormality, please get it treated accordingly.You will benefit from vitamin supplements containing biotin, calcium pantothenate and minerals for a duration of atleast 3 months.Biotin rich foods are carrots, almonds, walnut, cucumber, cauliflower, milk and eggs. Eggs also have protein and amino acids required for hair growthTry to reduce your stress levels as this could worsen hair fall.This type of hair fall is generally reversible. The hair cycle reverts back to normal in 3- 4 months time.Hope this helps you.Take care and wish you good health.