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Patient: My depression has led to my daydreaming. It became serious a couple months ago when I noticed I had become suicidal. It all began 8 years ago and for the past 5 years it became something I just used to escape from my boring life. Now I cant seem to control my daydreaming. I’m even doing it now while I’m typing.

Symptoms: pacing back and forth
cant sleep

Doctor: Dear LI am able to empathize with the depression you are going through. Looking at the details since the problem is a lmost 8 years old, it is necessary to recognize that type of depression, extent and degree of depression and other related factors. You have mentioned about taking treatment Clonazepam and Aripriprazole. It is worthwhile considering adding an antidepressant. Please discuss with your family physician / specialist.The day dreaming can be present for varied reasons. On its own it is not a problem. Infact everyone day dreams sometime or other, some people more and others less. It need to be attended only if it is severe and if it is not allowing you to carry out your routines and the responsibilities. It is suggested that having a specific task, work, occupation and the goal will reduce unnecessary day dreaming.In symptoms it is mentioned about pacing back and forth, crying, yelling, screaming and can’t sleep – all indicate significant degree of depression and they need active attention and management by your family physician or the specialist. Donot postpone the problem, but seek the help as early as possible. Your interest to share your problem is itself a good indication that you recognize problem and willing to take help. We wish you early recovery and back to active life.

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