How can I treat Stretch marks?

Patient: Hi, i have BAD stretch marks on my upper thighs and some on my boobs and hips ones on my thighs are puply colour there quite deep aswell so very noticeable.

Doctor: Stretch marks or striae are caused due to the stretching of the skin and increased levels of the hormone cortisone in th e body. Stretch marks are seen during pregnancy, weight gain and in diseases like cushing’s syndrome and adrenal dysfunction. Most stretch marks decrease over a period of time but never completely go away. No treatment is needed unless for cosmetic reasons. You may need to consult your doctor or dermatologist for treatment options like tretinoin cream, microdermabrasion and laser therapy.

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Guest: I have the same problem (after having two children) in all those same areas. I purchased a cream called “nip & fab: belly fix” it works perfectly to get rid of my stretch marks and also tightens and tones areas like my belly and upper thighs. I would really recommend it before you spend a bunch of money on laser surgery.