How can you get pregnant after two days after an abortion.

Patient: It is possible to get pregnant after an abortion. I had sex 2 day while was still bleeding from an abortion and now I’m pregnant and the when we took dna test it says that the baby does not belong to the one I had sex with after an abortion. So it is possible my abortion was not successful

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is not possible to get pregnant again after a complete abortion following sex on th e second day, post bleeding. If the scan shows pregnancy and the dan test confirms the baby is not from you recent partner, then it is evident that the pregnancy had continued and didn’t undergo complete abortion, but had bleeding as in a case of threatened abortion. So, in short, you are still pregnant with the previous pregnancy which never got aborted and have survived the effort.I hope i have answered your query.Wishing you safe pregnancy.Regards