How concerned should I be about my calf strain?

Patient: Dear Ask the Doctor,Roughly 2 weeks ago, I was playing basketball and felt a pop or pull-like sensation in the back of my calf. I was unable to walk for about a full day, and was slowly able to limp during gait after that. I was walking almost normally by the 3rd day. Two weeks later, my progress is much better… I am able to jog, do calf-raises. I don’t feel normal yet, but it’s only been about 2 weeks and I know these things can take up to 4-6 or more weeks to heal. As a physical therapy student, I am confident that I had a strain of my gastrocnemius.Under these circumstances, I am actually feeling pretty confident about my recovery. However, what concerns me – and I don’t know as much regarding this aspect of strains – is that I have somewhat of a divot or depression in the back medial aspect of my calf. It is very very similar to the calf demonstrated in the following youtube video – which shows a calf strain by another,SLASH,watch?v,EQUAL-SIGN,c3SUzwzu5Xc To watch the video replace slash with the back-slash, and replace equal-sign with the equal-sign, and remove the commas surrounding those capitalized words. Thanks.2 weeks later, functionally, I am doing pretty good – but should I be concerned if cosmetically my calf still looks like what the calf in the video looks like? I’m assuming the divot means the muscle has torn in that spot – will it grow back together slowly? Or does it just fill in with scar tissue? Essentially, how concerned should I be about my tear?Thank you for your help,Jason