How do I cure a deviated septum?

Patient: I have trouble breathing at night time. I think I have a deviated septum. What is the best way to get this treated. Is there a surgery or are there other methods?

Symptoms: Trouble breathing through my nose at times, especially during nighttime

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The nasal septum cartilaginous portion of your nose is deviated from the midline either by a previous injury or it has been this way since birth. In fact, about 80% of persons have some degree of a deviated septum. In certain cases, deviated nasal septums can be so severe, that it can cause difficulty breathing through the nostrils.This will create a sensation of congestion and fullness especially while in the supine position (laying down). In order to determine if you indeed have a deviated septum you will need to be examined by a specialist in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery (ENT). They will assess how severe the deviation is and will inform you what will be the best approach for correcting this. In many cases, a rhinoplasty is indicated.This is a surgical procedure that is performed by an ENT or Plastic surgeon to correct the anatomical deviation of your nose. Please be advised that such surgeries carry their own risks and benefits and these will be explained to you if surgery is indicated as the best treatment for you.Another possible cause of your nasal congestion could be due to nasal polyps. Nasal polyps are painless tissue growths within the nasal cavity. If they grow large enough they can disrupt nasal breathing also creating a sense of fullness and congestion. We recommend that you consult a ear, nose and throat specialist regarding your problem to determine the exact cause.Thank you for choosing