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How do i fix my upper trapezius strain.

Patient: About 3-4 weeks ago me and my older brother got in an argument and decided to fight me while i was still trying to sleep. Despise my efforts to fight back he managed to get on top of me and he began to squeeze my upper back extremely hard because he was full of anger. Afterwards i went back to sleep but i noticed that my trapizius muscles didnt feel right, but i fell asleep anyways. It didnt hurt in the moment but i have been experiencing this pain and tightness in only my upper right trapizus right now and im not sure if its a spinal injury or a muscle strain. Im currently training for football and the last weeks have been wrecking my training time because im at home recovering. Anything i can do to make it better? I want to get in the gym and on the field as quickly as possible. Thank you


Symptoms: Tightness, unable to turn head in certain ways without it hurting.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The trapezius is a very large muscle of the back and if it is injured, it may take up to 2 months to heal completely. We recommend that you do not return to practice until fully recovered as you will be at risk of serious injury or even permanent back pain and decreased range of motion. In order to adequately rehabilitate this injury, we recommend that you be examined by your doctor to determine if you require further diagnostic investigations to determine if you have a serious injury. In the meantime we recommend that you rest your back by laying in your bed, as well as take oral analgesic medication in order to ease your pain. You may also benefit from applying a heating pad or hot water bottle on your back to loosen the muscles as you start to feel better and would like to move around some more. We hope you feel better.Thank you for consulting


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