How do I get a prescription for Desoxyn? I’ve

Patient: How do I get a prescription for Desoxyn? I’ve never had insurance so. I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD. I’ve never been able to concentrate, and I always got a 100 things going on In My head.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for writing to us.I have read your question and can understand your concern.Desoxyn is used to tre at ADD and requires prescription of doctor/ psychiatrist.As it is a drug of abuse it can not be obtained over the counter without prescription of psychiatrist.The symptoms you have described can happen in many conditions like Obsessive compulsive disorder, adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder etcIt is advisable for you to visit doctor/ psychiatrist who can evaluate your symptoms and give you treatment accordingly.Hope this helpsFeel free to write backRegards