How do i know if i have a inguinal hernia

Patient: How do i know if i have a inguinal hernia

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and a very specific query.I will try my best to simplify in such a way that yo may have a self-diagnosis.Classical symptoms and signs of an inguinal hernia are:- Gradually increasing swelling in either or both of the groin area, which the lowest part of the abdomen near the private parts.- It enlarges on standing, coughing (impulse on coughing), straining at stool and at work.-Goes down or vanishes on laying down or can be reduced (reducible); this is the thing no other swelling can have.- It is usually painless unless complicated.And on a lighter vain no one wants this to get operated within time.I hope this answer helps you.Clinical evaluation and physical examination by a General Surgeon confirms the diagnosis and you can have an appointment for surgery.