How do we reinforce for potty training?

Patient: Hi.. First time parent a bit comfused.. I did some research.. My question is I have a three year old son who is not potty trsined. Im tryimg. But he has no intrest. Wont wear big boy underwear I bought all kinds of underwear. He tells me I love my diapers. I take him to the potty each diaper change but no luck. Is there something im doing wrong? Something I can chang? Something wrong with him?

Doctor: I can understand your concern and worry. It is important for me to stress that potty training happens over a period of t ime and shouldnt be forced or over enforced as this will lead the kid to get delayed further. The fact that he does not want to wear underwear means that he may not be ready. Coax him every day a bit but do not overdo it. Ask him if he wants to pee and whether he would do that in a toilet .Offer positive reinforcement and offer presents and gifts if he uses the toilet. Set up a schedule on when he should sit on the toilet everyday. Makethe process as fun as it can be.There is nothing wrong with your son and he will get trained eventually. I hope this helps . All the best.