How effective are Testosterone implants?

Patient: I’m 66 and just joined a gym recently and have been tired but thought it was from working out. I read a book by Susanne Sommers and she made a valid point. Go to the dr. when you are well, get a CBC and see what you are deficient in and get that fixed and you will never be sick again. This made sense to me so I got my CBC and I was borderline anemic and my testosterone was off the chart on the low side. I started taking iron tablets and I got testosterone pellet implants. I’m not feeling like I want to run a marathon just yet but I do believe it has helped. What are your thoughts on testosterone pellet implants?

Doctor: Testosterone pellet implants work by releasing testosterone at a steady rate. The duration of action is about 6 months i n an uncomplicated cycle. The advantages to pellets over other types of testosterone therapy is that it’s a more convenient method of delivery. Testosterone is delivered in a steady manner which keeps levels consistent in your blood and avoids erratic swings that may occur with other forms of delivery. Your doctor will need to monitor your testosterone levels in order to determine the effective dosage and monitor side effects such as unusual hair growth, hair loss, anxiety,breast enlargement, infertility, increased sex drive, nausea, tingling, fluid retention, headache, prolonged erections, elevated cholesterol and prostate enlargement.