October 17, 2018

How effective is an i-pill???

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Patient: Hello doc…I had unprotected intercourse on 28th feb…i took i-pill within 6 hrs of intercourse..is there any chance of pregnancy…secondly i want to tell u dat my expected date of period is between 3rd of march to 5th of march..plz guide me

Symptoms: No symptoms of periods yet



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your query.AS you have rightly taken the I-pill within 72 hrs after unprotected intercourse, yo u should experience a withdrawal bleed within7-10 days from the pill intake. Incidentally, your due date is also during this week, so if you happen to experience withdrawal bleed, then it ensures that you are pregnancy safe. But if there is no bleeding for 10 days or so, then you may get a serum beta hCG test done rule out pregnancy, which if negative again, then you can safely wait for your menses stop return naturally without any fear of pregnancy.I hope I have answered you query in detail.Wishing you safe sexual practices.Regards

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

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