How likely is a pregnancy?

Patient: I had sex with my boyfriend on the 23 of November. The condom broke, and we noticed so he DID NOT ejaculate inside of me. The next day, I took the morning after pill. I am also on birth control, and I missed one pill on the 13 and took it by the next morning (normally I take it at 10pm).Is becoming pregnant something that is highly likely and should be of major concern?

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the question.If you are already on birth control, and have had sex on 23rd november but followed withdrawal technique even though condom ruptured, then followed it with a morning pill, i feel you have already taken adequate measures in form of morning pill to prevent pregnancy.Ideally you bleeding/ menses should resume within 7 days as withdrawal bleed to morning pill. you may have scanty bleeding to spotting as you are already on birth control.If you happen to miss, then you may perform on urine pregnancy test on 7th day after missed periods to rule out pregnancy.I hope i have answered your query,regards