How Likely is it That I am Pregnant?

Patient: Me and my boyfriend were messing around last week and he didnt penetrate his penis inside of my vagina but he put it in a little bit…the head of the penis though wasnt fully in my vagina and he didnt have precum but im still scared! i went to the doctor today and took a urine test and it came out negative and the home pregnancy test came out negative too…im just scared that it came out negative because its too early to test…please help!

Doctor: I understand your worry about possible pregnancy. In my opinion; if you are sure that there was no penetration and/or ej aculation that could have gone inside the vagina, then the probabilities that you could get pregnant might be minimal.Since you took a couple of Pregnancy tests; both with negative results. I would suggest you wait for your menses, but if they are late by a week then you might want to take another pregnancy test. In the future, if you are worried about possible unwanted pregnancy you might want to consult your physician for contraceptives methods. They will kindly explain to you about them and suggest you the best choice. I wish you the best.