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Patient: My girlfriend gave me oral sex and after ejaculation I wiped off my penis but i got a tiny bit of fluid on my finger (slightly wet finger tip) after i rinsed my hand. After I cleaned up, I washed my hands in cold water and wiped it dry with a towel. about 5-10 min, My girl friend wanted me to finger her, which I did but after forplay which my hand wiped over her clothes and bed sheets and my hand was dry. How likely will I get her pregnant?

Doctor: I realize your concern about possible pregnancy. Let me reassure you that it would be very unlikely that after thoroughl y washing your hands, a small volume of semen containing viable sperms could be left. Sperm could only resist up to 1 hour outside the body approximately depending on factors such as temperature, Ph, air, etc. They are labile to high temperatures so washing your hands with warm water instead of cold might be better. Certainly if in the future you and your partner wish to avoid unwanted pregnancies you might want to consider using Contraceptives Methods. The information could be kindly explained by your or her primary care physician and the best choice could also be suggested.

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

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