How long it take to get pregnant.

Patient: I got off the patch about 3 weeks ago and i will like to know how long would it take me to get pregnant i was reading online that you couold get pregnant but sometime it could take about 3 month for it to happen… i really dont know what to believe

Doctor: Hello, I understand your concern about fertility after removing the contraceptive patch. The majority of women are ferti le the first month after they stop their contraceptive method such as pill, ring or patch. However, I agree with what you read that it could take three cycles for the body to start ovulating again and become fertile, but his applies mostly in patients who have been in their contraceptives for a very long period of time.In my opinion, I advise you to give your body time to adjust and regulate the cycles by itself without the intervention of the extra hormones carried in the patch. Usually after a cycle or two this could be achieved. I wish you the best.