How long will it take for face numbness and swelling to subside after allergic reaction to

Patient: How long will it take for numbness and swelling and pressure to subside after allergic reaction to antibiotics?I was prescribed Augmentin on Tuesday afternoon to help combat a persistent sinus infection. I had a tablet on Tuesday night and another Wednesday morning. On Wednesday morning when I woke up my forehead, nose and ears felt sort of numb, and by mid Wednesday (yesterday) the pressure around the top and back of my head, and in the upper palate of my mouth was unbearable, then my mouth and throat started swelling. I went a bit red. I went to the hospital and they gave me some prednisone there, and some more to take each morning.It’s now Friday morning and my face is still feeling numb and I still have a bit of pressure in my head and upper mouth (nowhere near as bad as yesterday though) and my ear canals are all swollen making my balance ridiculous.The doctor at the hospital said the steroids would make me feel better straight away, which they did to some extent, but can anyone give me an idea how long it might take for the numb feeling to pass? I can still move my face completely, just have lost some sensation and can’t really feel pain and prodding as well. My neck is swollen also.Thanks in advance.