How long will this pain last, what are my options as far any treatment or supplements - Ask The Doctor

How long will this pain last, what are my options as far any treatment or supplements

Patient: What are my options or any supplements I can take to improve this degenerative changes in C4/C5 how long will it take for the pain in left to improve, I have pain mid back, shoulder forearm, lower arm, wrist, index finger is number and slight swollen, inside of thumb is number

Symptoms: Pain in mid back to shoulder forarm, lower arm, wrist index finger numbness and slightly swollen, and thumb also numb left side of body

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Doctor: Thank you for your question. The progression degenerative changes in your cervical spine are can be slowed with a combin ation of prescription medications, physical therapy, correct posture, and restricting the amount of physical activity that you perform. However, it is difficult to actually reverse these changes.One prescription medication that can be used is alendronate. This medication is prescribed to patients with degenerative bone conditions such as osteoporosis. It works by inhibiting the natural breakdown of bone in the body. You may also want to take supplements such as calcium, vitamin D and glucosamine. These supplements can assist in maintain bone health. Before taking any of these supplements, please have them approved by your doctor to make sure they are not contraindicated in any of your current treatments.Lastly, you may want to consult a physiotherapist who will help you strengthen the muscles of your neck, correct your posture, and assist in educating you in preventing injury or exacerbation of your pain. These are all measures that can be employed to support your cervical spine and prevent progression of this degenerative wishes you a speedy recovery.