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How many bicycle crunches does it take to burn 1 calorie

Patient: Hi, thankyou for the reply to my question regarding how many calories 150 bicycle crunches burns. If i performed 150 bicycle crunches slowly would it still burn 80 – 100 calories. Also how many bicycle crunches does it take to burn 1 calorie for a 100lb 27 year old female, and does momentum movement burn calories or do i have to extend// stretch the leg fully when performing a bicycle crunch to burn calories. For example, do muscles have to be contracted properly in order for calories to be burnt or does the form/ posture of the bicycle crunch not matter about how many calories are burnt. Thankyou for your help and kind regards,



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.The exact amount of calories burnt can never be predicted with accuracy because of the posture and speed you use to do the crunches. However, 3-4 crunches can burn 1 calorie, and gradually as you keep doing crunches you burn calories at a faster rate.The correct method will be to make sure during each crunch, you’re squeezing your abs really tight to ensure good blood flow to the muscle. This will further increase metabolism and also burn a lot of calories.The muscles have to be squeezed for best effects.Hope this was helpful,Regards.



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