How many is too many colds?

Patient: I read somewhere than a healthy adult averages 2-4 colds per year. However, I think I am averaging 4-6 per year. I do have a toddler in daycare, and she did just pass her cold on to me, but still concerned that something could be wrong with my immune system. What is considered “too many” colds for an adult?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,It is a complete misnomer that an average adult suffers from 2- 4 cold and flu episodes in the year. It completely depends on the immune status of the person and if he/she has been taking good care of himself or herself and following preventive measures along with a healthy balanced diet through out the year then the chances of contracting one may even be reduced further in frequency.There are no such numbers and flu is purely seasonal where as cold following an infection can be contracted anytime of the year from an infected person if your immunity is down or if you have not ben keeping well. As in your case you have been infected by a toddler. It sis suggested that you increase your water intake for the day to 4-5 litres per day, take plain water steam inhalation twice a day for few days and take nutritious balanced diet with proteins and carbohydrates and if required in case of fever an antipyretic like paracetamol may be taken as and when required. This shall subside in a week or so.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wish you good health,Regards