How many Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Patient: How can i make my partner come faster, while giving him oral pleasure, And also while having sex? i also want to know what diseases can you catch from doing such?

Doctor: Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are among the most common infectious diseases in the United States today. More than 20 different STDs have been identified, and 13 million men and women are infected each year in the United States. Depending on the disease, the infection can be spread through any type of sexual activity involving the sex organs or the mouth; the infection can also be spread through contact with blood during sexual activity. Research studies show that having an STD that is not AIDS increases one’s risk for becoming infected with AIDS.    So,knowing this, I give you a list of the most common ones: HIV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HPV (genital warts), Hepatitis B and C, Scabies, Crabs, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, Candidiasis.