How much blood is made in the body everyday?

Patient: Hello.. I would like to know in how many days the body makes up the volume in case of blood loss from the body e.g. Piles.

Doctor: The adult human body contains approximately 5 liters of blood; it makes up 7 to 8 percent of a person’s body weight. Appproximately 2.75 to 3 liters of blood is plasma and the rest is the cellular portion.In a rough estimation, the average life cycle of a red blood cell is approximately 120 days. So we can assume that approximately 5 litres of blood is replaced in about 120 days. So one litre in about 24 days, which means about 41.6 millilitres of blood produced in a day. Bleeding hemorrhoids is a concern and you must consult your doctor as soon as possible. Treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids include rubber band ligation, stapled hemorrhoidectomy and infrared coagulation.