How should I take the oral contraceptive pill

Patient: I have been told to start taking the pill take the first one on the date of my period. but also i have been told that the 7 days you dont take marvelon thats when your period will come, but this means i would only be taking the pill for 2 weeks that i am not on my period and the 7 days i am not taking it i will still not be due for another week. when will my period come will it have changed a week less so it is when im not taking the pills for 7 weeks or how do i take the pills so that im only on my period when i dont take them?

Doctor: Marvelon is an oral contraceptive pill.The best way to take it is take a pill every day for 21 days and then no pills fo r about 7 days which is when u wil get your during those 7 days. You need to take it everyday without fail other wise the effect is not optimal. If you have stopped the pill then you can restart it by taking it again on the last day of your period or ie the first day of your next cycle. I hope this helps. all the best.