How soon can one become pregnant after removal of IUD contraception?

Patient: I have just got my iud takeing out on fri the 13 and had sex on the 14 and like 2 days after I started to spot light pink and a brown colere. Do u think I could be pregant

Doctor: Most data suggests that a woman regains fertility immediately after the removal of IUD. Some claim that pregnancy is pos sible after one month after the removal of this device from the uterus. I would suggest that you get a pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy. However the best time to take them is after a week or more of a missed period. They measure the level of beta hcg in the urine to give you a positive or negative response. I would advice you to retake the pregnancy test to see whether it has changed as the days have passed as if you are pregnant then the beta hcg level would rise and thus result in a positive test now. All the best.