How to control diabetes by diet & walking without any medication and insulin for the whole life.

Patient: Respected Sir,Can a diabetic patient control her blood sugar level through diet and walking without medicationfor the whole life. We have a glucose meter to check the blood sugar regularly at home.our diet is cholesterol free and we are taking in diet some following items.1. Whole grain bread2. Green vegetables boiled3. one piece of fruit (like Apple)4. barley5. Skimmed milk6. Roasted chickpea.

Doctor: Hiwith study it is confirmed that diabetes can be prevented by exercise, diet, and lifestyle modification in many pers ons.But once diabetes developed and it is not controlled, medicines need to be taken, otherwise it may damage other vital organs.You are on good diet, but as a physician, I remind you that if this fails donot hesitate to take medicineshope this will helpful