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How to cure my pimple completely

Patient: Hello,My name is Hernandez frimpong from Ghana, i have a severe pimple problem, it has made my face look very bad. Please i need help in how to completely clear to make my face smooth, if any product recommendation too can be given, i will be glad to know.Please i need help to cure all this pimples and remove the scars. I want my face to be very clean and smooth. Thank you..My second questions is that am expieriencing a bald head. not that bald, but the front is gradually moving back, please i need help to grow it back..Thank you.If i will have to buy anything to help cure my pimples or grow my hair, please tell me.Thank you.


Symptoms: Swelling

Doctor: Hello, thanks for your health query on ATD.Acne though one of the commonest infection of body, sometimes it is very difficult to control. Usually, one may require 4-6 months of continuous treatment to control the acne. So before starting treatment you have to have patience as well as faith in your dermatologist. You should also understand that there is no readymade solution of the acne. The treatment depends on the type of acne, severity of acne etc.Please visit your Dermatologist with full faith.


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