How to get Rid of Pubic Lice?

Patient: Hi A few days ago i noticed that i have pubic lice (while i was scratching i caught one and i checked on google so Im pretty sure is that).the itching started first around my belly button and after a time on my genitals, i didn’t see a doctor, because i can’t afford it right now, so i went directly to the pharmacy and ask for help, they give me a shampoo wich contains Permethrin. First I shaved all of the hair, then i treated it with the shampoo. and the next day i saw many dead lice in my underwear, the itching stops and after a wile i didnt notise any more black marks on my underwear and no more dead lice ( i guess you understand what i mean) after 2 days i desidet to treated it again with a lotion wich contains Benzyl benzoate for just in case if they are still alive (I put the lotion for 5-6 hours and then i washed it). Now i dont see any signs that i still have them, no signs on my underwear, and when i look at it i dont see theme any more, the only thing is that from time to time i still feel a little itching (and it may be because of the hair groing back) but im still worried. So the question is it posible to kill the lice with this two treatment, and how can i prevent spreading them to others? I will be very grateful if i get an answer. I am very very worried! Thanks very much

Doctor: Body lice (Pediculus humanus corporis) are small parasites feed on human blood and are transmitted through close physica l contact. The lice live in the skin and clothes and are transmitted if you come into contact with materials that contains the lice eg. an infected person, infected clothing, bedding, towels.The measures that you have taken (permethrin shampoo) is more than enough to take care of the lice and eggs present in the pubic hair. Though you must make sure that the clothes that you wear and bedding also be washed and checked for lice. You are more likely to get lice if you have poor hygiene and are in contact with persons who have the lice.