How to get SGPT Level to with in Range

Patient: Dear Doctor,My ALT SGPT is at 54 U/L. my height is 5.34 ft. and Weight is 87 Kgs. and Glucose about 169 (in Fasting). How to reduce SGPT Level. Is it Alarming. Kishore

Symptoms: Blood Test REport

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Yes, your liver enzyme is slightly raised which requires evaluation of the cause.Most common causes of such liver derangements are Alcohol, Viral hepatitis, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Drugs.In case you are taking any medicine, it might be responsible for this derangement.I would advise you to get following investigations done:1. HBsAg for Hepatitis B.2. Anti-HCV Antibody for Hepatitis C.3. Ultrasound Abdomen.In case you are taking any medicine this would require reconsideration.In case you consume alcohol, you have to quit.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy