How to help my 13 year old daughter to grow

Patient: How to help my 13 year old girl to grow higherWe are concern about my 13 year old daughter growth, (born in November 2001)she got her first period when she was 12 years old.her constitution has changed in the last 6 months gaining more body mass and a bit more fat.Data:5 of Dec. 2014———–Hight 149.3 centimeters7 of May 2015———–Hight 150.8 centimetersnow she weights 50kg and actual hight is 151.3 centimeters .(Just as information my wife’s hight is 1.56 Meters and mine is 1,77Meters)We moved to the Middle East (Emirates) 8 years ago.Last year I visit a doctor who told us that most people here (when staying for so long) has low vitamin D, can this be a factor??

Symptoms: Growing less and gaining body mass

Doctor: Thank you for choosing Ask The DoctorI have gone through the question and I feel that your daughter is going throug h a regular growth spurt. She is doing well and her height is increasing at a good amount. Firstly, I want to calculate her growth potential which will be the average of the fathers height and the mothers heights and then adding 10 cm to this.Once we know this, then we can begin to work on her height. Here are a few things:Get her to eat well and ensure there is a good amount of Carbohydrate, protein and fat in the diet. The ratio should be 55:35:10.The type of sports that she plays is also important. Do not allow her to lift weights which will compress the muscles and reduce growth.Get her to do elongating sports like swimming and gymnastics which will help loosen the muscles and send signals to the brain to increase in lengthGive her a good source of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. The vitamins can come from fruits and vegetables and minerals will be from milk and green leafy vegetablesEnsure that she has 2 types of fruits and 2 types of vegetables daily and 2 glasses of milk.Hope this helps. Please follow up after 1 month.