How to increas sex time

Patient: D0ctor um sam .um an asian. Um 18 years of age. I hav a girlfrnd.she is 16..S0 n0rmally we hav sex. Bt the problem is i cum t0o quickly..n0rmally it takes 3 min. Bt s0mtimes it ends up with in a min.So we try f0rpaly ,and masterbating before sex. Bt it doesnt help much.i als0 tried that st0p and start tecniq to devel0p my pc mussel bt it doesnt seem to sh0w any result..plz tel me what sh0uld i d0. I dnt want t0 take any drugs. Is there any way to prevent it naturally? Can we hav a sex life of 10-15 min 0nly with penetrati0n.


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Guest: Same problem here ???? Plz doctor advice us