How to minimize appearance of scars

Patient: I fell off my cart on an alpine slide roughly three weeks ago, and the skin on my left arm was scraped or burned badly on the rough plastic. Immediately after the fall, the skin looked white and sort of wet. After bandaging it, it seemed to be healing fine for the next two weeks. I would have to constantly keep it slathered in neosporin, or else it would crack and the yellow stuff would stick to the bandage and be painful to pull off. Anyway, for the past week it has been not painful at all (but still a bit sensitive to pressure and sharp stuff) but it still looks all pink and brown and is sort of rough and bumpy. Is this as healed as it will get? Is this a scar? Should I start applying scar stuff to it? Thank you! The picture shows when I first got it. The red part has healed but the white is the problem. The second picture is what it looks like now.

Doctor: That looks like an early scar that is why it is still a little sore especially when touched. You can try applying oils w ith vitamin E to facilitate the healing process but be sure you read the instructions and precautions. There are also creams you can get over-the-counter to minimize the appearance of scars. It can take a few to several months before that heals completely. If the scar really bothers you, you can ask a dermatologist about laser treatments. I do hope I have appeased your concern and take care always.