How to prevent Poison Oak reaction symptoms?

Patient: My daughter is very subceptable to poison oak. She seems to get it in the same places. Her eyes, face and arms. Just by a wind contact she can swell up. Someone told me that there is a shot or medications that can prevent this infection from taking place. What do you think and what would be the best way to treat her miserable welcome to the season? Thank You

Doctor: For poison oak, corticosteroid creams, gels, ointments, pills, or injections is a better option for treatment available through your doctor’s prescription. The corticosteroid shots can be helpful if administered early enough for prevention and to reduce the severity of this reaction. It is advisable to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the use of steroid treatment because these drugs weaken the immune system and can have other harmful side effects as well. If aware of the contact or the exposure to the poison oak, it would be best to wash (with soap) the area of contact within half an hour or using wet wipes is another alternative. If you remove the allergen in a half-hour or so, you can often prevent a reaction and taking anti histamine medications like benadryl etc. can help itching and further reaction.