How to remove scar marks after car accident?

Patient: I am 28 years old, i had a car accident 8 months before due to which i had glass cuts on my face, lips, neck. As you can see on the image attached here. My doctor suggested me to use Mederma cream where stitches were after 15 days of my accident. I started doing that and after 4 months he suggested me hexilak silicone gel cream to use. Doctor said that if it is not taken a proper care the scar can cause KELOIDS. He said if needed you may have to take steroids injections on the scars so as to reduce impacts of scar. Kindly help me with this. Let me know what will be beneficial for me.

Symptoms: Scars, Accident Marks, Cuts

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Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.I have seen the attached pics also.I understand your concern.Your doctor has v ery correctly advised you the medications.I will advise you to use the Medications as prescribed by your doctor.In case, it doesn’t respond or scar becomes more prominent, intralesional triamcinolone injection is given. If required, it is repeated after 3 weeks.I hope this helps.Take care.