How to Restart Birth Control Pills

Patient: I’ve been on birth control pills (Tricyclen) for about two and a half years and the last ten days I went off it (after the placebo pills). I’m wanting to keep taking the pills but I’m wondering if, because I missed so many days, is it safe to just start taking them again or is there something i need to know first?

Doctor: You may start taking the birth control pills during any time of the cycle. However, if you are going to start the pill immediately or within 5 days of the start of your cycle you may not require an extra protection, but in case that you start the pill at all other days of your cycle, you would need to use an additional method (condom) for maximum protection. As it has been more than 5 days for you now, it is recommended that you take some kind of additional precaution for atleast the first 7 active pills in order to be safe, because your ovulation may already have occured and you need to be extra safe during this month of starting the birth control.