How To Solve My Acne Problem

Patient: Hello Docter,I’m 16, and i’m greatly need in help. I have this acne situation. Yet, it’s been 4 – 5 years on having this problem. I’ve went to the docter more than two times to solve this acne problem. But none of the medications have worked. I heard accutane is a good medication that heals acne. I haven’t tried it, but i’m willing to try it since the docter i have isn’t helping that much to solve this problem. He gave me medications that were too strong for me to use, I forgot the name of the product but it didn’t work what so ever. When i slide my finger across my cheek it feels oily, so i’m guessing that’s what i have. So here are my questions. And 3 pictures.1. Should I give accutane a try? Is it dangerous to use?2. What should I buy to wash my face with?3. Do I have to do the medication once a day or twice a day? (depending on what you recommend me to use)4. Should I stay away from fast foods, as in taco bell , mc donalds, burgerking etc etc?5. What do i have to do to make acne show up less?