How to Stop a Sugar Addiction?

Patient: How can I stop a sugar addiction? I get gas, and extreme guilt. Sometimes, I have the urge to self induce myself to vomiting to rid the poison out of my body. Yet my cravings are super intense. I know I’m putting poison in my mouth but I don’t care. Please help me.

Symptoms: Binging, guilt, gas, nausea

Doctor: Thank you for your question. You can assist in curbing your dependence on sweet sugary foods by using low calorie natura l sweeteners in moderation. One common natural low calorie sweetener is stevia extract. It provides the same sweet taste you are use to without the calories. Furthermore, try eliminating processed foods which contain a lot of hidden sugar within them. This is the type that you do not taste, but is present and can facilitate your dependency on sugar. We hope this helps.Thank you for consulting