How to Switch Medications Safely

Patient: How do I switch from taking fluoxetine 20 mg and instead taking lexapro 10 mg ? In other words, do I need to wait a couple of days without taking anything to get the fluoxetine lowered in my system before I begin the lexapro ?

Symptoms: Depression medication

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is very important that when changing antidepressant medications that this is monitored b y your doctor. One of the best approaches that is commonly employed is to gradually decrease your dosage of fluoxetine over a period of weeks until you are not taking this medication at all. After this is you can be successfully started on your new medication. By no means you should be taking these two medications together unless specifically instructed by your doctor. Please consult your prescribing physician to develop a plan to safely switch to your new medication of choice.Thank you for consulting