How to weaken immune system?

Patient: I want to weaken my immune system, so I don’t have to suffer common cold symptoms? I’m currently suffering from a second cold in the space of a fortnight. I am quite angry about this because my teachers will probably think I’m lying/making excuses for not going in. I have come to the conclusion that a cold is harmless; without an immune system, we probably wouldn’t even know we had a cold. It’s that pesky immune system that’s making me feel terrible! How can I reduce my immune system?


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Doctor: Hellothank you for posting your query to ATDthe thing which is bothering you that you are suffering from cold and flu and want to get rid of that.well would it have been so simple then nobody would have suffered.Allergy is caused by allergens ( Like pollen, dust, mites).body consider these allergens as a foreign bodies and reacts in the form of inflammation like allergic reaction.Sometimes due to error immune system gives reaction to the particles not foreign to body, this is called as autoimmune disease.But immune system is required by our body to protect against harmful viruses, bacteria and fungal infections. if immune system is lowered we may die due to petty opportunistic fungus also. as it happens in cases of patients suffering from AIDS.As you are having trouble with recurrent cold and are requested to consult your doctor who shall investigate you for allergens you are sensitive. it is always better to avoid allergens to avoid allergy then to lower immunity.Also discuss with your doctor for immunoprotection. there are some good vaccine and immunoglobulins available in the market which shall help you alleviate your problem.


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