How urgent is it to get Cholestasis of Pregnancy Diagnosed?

Patient: I am 35 weeks pregnant and have been itchy all over my body without a rash for about a month already. I mentioned it to my doctor and she ordered a liver function test and said she would get back to me if there was an issue. Meanwhile I’ve been doing my own research and am pretty sure I have Cholestasis of pregnancy. I haven’t been able to get through to my doctor, and my next appointments not for another week and a half. I also showed my lab results to a nurse who showed it to a doctor and they both said my doctor didn’t test me for everything she was supposed to.My question is: How urgent is it to go get tested for bile acid to get this diagnosed? Can it wait until next week when I’ll already be 36 weeks pregnant? Or should I be going to an emergency clinic for this?

Symptoms: Itching all over with no rash- very prominent on the palms of my hands.

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