Hpv confusion

Patient: I am a 22 year old female. Recently, I was diagnosed with HPV, which was discovered during a Pap smear.When I told my ex I got diagnosed with HPV and asked him to get himself checked out, he got very angry and told me he wouldn’t because he doesn’t believe he got it from me.Now, me and my ex were both eachothers firsts. He’s only been with one person besides me, which was a one night stand (i dont know if he used a condom or not). I’ve only been with one other person besides him (I did use a condom), which was also a one night stand. So in summary, both of us have only had sex with ONE person besides eachother. I started seeing my ex in Jan of 2013 (which was over 6 months since my one night stand) I got a PAP done in feb, which came back normal. My pap came back abnormal in NOV 2013 which is when I found out i had HPV. So I assume I got it from my ex. His argument has been, “HPV is an STD, and I’ve only had sex with one person besides you, so how could I have given it to you?” Now clearly he couldve gotten it from that other person, but apparently that was 8+ months before we started seeing eachother again in Jan. So I’m wondering can you get HPV without having sex? Could he have gotten it some other way and given it to me sexually? Or could he have gotten it from that other person and given it to me over a year later?