HPV infection in Men and possible methods of treatment?

Patient: I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I have been having sex with the same guy for about 3 months now, however we are not in a committed relationship. I feel that i should tell him i have this STD. Im assuming that he has the disease, as we did not have protected sex. Is there anyway to know that he actually has it? If he does have it can he get rid of it so that it wont infect the next girl hes with?

Doctor: Cervical Cancer is caused by a virus called the Human Papilloma Virus(HPV) which is acquired sexually. However there are various strains/types of the virus. The ones which lead to cervical cancer are usually types 16,18,31,33,35. Other than that the other types usually cause  genital warts. You could tell your partner that you have been diagnosed with cervical cancer and he definitely can get checked up for HPV, however it is improtant to remember that it takes time for cervical cancer to develop fully. In women we usually check through pap smears but in men we could conduct HPV dna probes to diagnose. While the warts can be treated with topical and other methods like cryotherapy(Liquid nitrogen) you cannot irradicate the virus completely from the body. Moreover it is important to remember that this STI cannot be prevented by using condoms.