HPV infection with multiple strains

Patient: Hello,I have tested positive for high risk HPV but negative for genotypes 16 and 18. I have been only with my husband for the last 5 years. Is it possible that he has multiple strains including 16 and 18 and because those strands are dormant he has not yet passed those to me or is it more likely that I would have all the strains that he has already and he just simply does not have 16 and 18?Thank you.Sandy

Symptoms: Abnormal pap – LGSIL then ASCUS now LGSIL again

Doctor: The infectivity of HPV is not clearly understood by medical science and infection with a particular strain does not rule out a reinfection with another in future. The likelihood of getting infected may also be a function of your susceptibility to a particular strain or immunity to another.Please undergo repeat PAP tests as advised and follow your doctor’s advice.