HPV : Mechanism of transmission and prevention

Patient: Hi. After having a smear test in august showing abnormal cells, i was sent for a colposcopy exam. This showed I had CIN3 cells and I had the loop treatment to move the infected cells, i am due to go back for another smear in 1 month. However i have been with my boyfriend for 6 years now and he has just recently found small lumps on his penis. We are both concerned this is a HPV. My question is, could I have give him this (as a sign of HPV in men is lumps on the penis) and also how long can a HPV been undetected before as we have always had sexual intercourse without protection (i am on the pill) and he has never come across this problem before, why would it take 6 years to show on effect on him?

Doctor: HPV ┬áis a sexually transmitted infection and thus there is a possibilty that you may have transmitted the same to him. H However it is improtant to remember that HPV can remain dormant in the system for many years and can manifest with a decrease in the body;s immunity. Your boyfriend should get tested for other STI’s too like HSV as that can also lead to lumps on the penis. You need to also try and use barrier protection ie condoms to prevent STI transmission.All the best.