September 24, 2018

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How do I treat a finger bite that is getting darker? (Image)

Patient: 1 week ago I had a woman bite my finger as she was having a seizure (I had been clamping her jaw and tilting her to the side). She caused a contusion with her teeth that may have damaged or bruised my dorsa digital nerve and artery, perhaps puncturing it (Although, I did experience relatively little bleeding). I went to. 3 doctors as it got progressively more and more “lifeless”. At one point, it hurt. Then it tingled. Now I only feel pressure when I apply it – I can’t detect texture or heat. It’s slowly becoming darker, and drier. It also feels more and more lifeless on only one side (bottom side of deep laceration). It also appears to be full of blood and either infected or perhaps slowly recuperating.I’m worried because my father has diabetes, and I am 25 and have never had a diabetes test. I’m also unsure of what to do because all three doctors I’ve visited tell me that it will get better over time, but to me, it only gets darker and darker, and more lifeless.What should I do? Who should I visit? And what could it be? Thank you.



Symptoms: Slight discomfort, numbness, lack of feeling, tingling, darkening of skin, pressure causes discomfort, full range of motion, lack of blood flow



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