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Husband has ogliospermia and we cant get pregnant

Patient: My age is 40 . I am heterozygous c667t mutation also my husband. Also i am homozygous factor XI (2%). My husband has ogliospermia and diabetes type 2. We tried IVF twice but no pregnancy. I am taking now eurofolic, B12, magne-B6, and iron. I dont know what to do. No doctor is giving me the right answer. Time passing by and i want to be a mother. Should i be taking lovenox should i do anything. I feel a link is missing and no one helping us!




Doctor: Thank you for your query.When you are having c667t mutation it means that these individuals produce an enzyme that is less effective in breaking down homocysteine which is an amino-acid. Women with this mutation have trouble conceiving or have early miscarriages. When women with this mutation are planning to conceive they should start taking supplementation of folic acid, cyanocobalamine (B6 & B12) prior to conception along with that low molecular weight heparin is also suggested as there is problem with the clotting factors too. All through pregnancy careful monitoring is required with modulation of the injections as well as the vitamins. Therefore go to an expert doctor who has good experience in handling high risk pregnancies and miscarriages. Preferably a fertility specialist should be your choice to see who will have expertise to take you over throughout the pregnancy overcoming the hurdles, ultimately culminating in birth of a healthy child.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.

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Patient: Thank you very much for your answer. But is it ok to take low molecule weight heparin though i am homozygous factor 11 deficiency (2%)?


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