Husband Having Frequent Nosebleeds

Patient: My Fiance has been having frequent nosebleeds, only lasting for 1-3 mins at a time, however they occur almost every morning for the past week or so. should i have her see a Dr. for an exam or is this just temporary. Notes: not much blood is lost during nose bleeds, last for short period of time, discomfort in the nose from hardened blood. (Couldn’t find a good categoty to put this under)

Doctor: Nose bleeds are a common problem but not always requiring medical attention. There are a wide variety of causes that can account for recurrent nose bleeds, including trauma (nose-picking), bleeding disorders, tumors and some infections.In your fiance’s case, though the bleeds have not been heavy, she requires evaluation by a physician. Only then can it be determined if the problem is temporary or requires any medical intervention.