Hydroquinone Allergy

Patient: Dear Doctor ,I was having ace problems #pimples etc , some one advised me to use Hydroquinone cream for it , But when i used it resulted into an allergic reaction , redness all around my face , i am so much worried about it please reply me ,,

Symptoms: Redness on cheeks on both sides , from 3 days even after quiting the usage of that cream

Hydroquinone Allergy -1

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The area of your face seems quite inflamed in response to using Hydroquinone. You will like ly need to have this area examined by your doctor to determine if you require any medication to reduce this inflammation. We do not want to risk advising you that it will resolve on its own, because the face is a very sensitive are and can be very prone to scarring. For this reason, we recommend that you report to your doctor and have it examined. We hope this resolves with out complication.Thank you for consulting AskTheDoctor.com