(Hydroxyzine), ( Sertraline) Anxiety medicadication

Patient: I was told over a year ago that my medication Zoloft, and Vistaril (HYDROXYZINE) or one of the two (not sure which one) can cause a false positive for bensodiazapam (sorry if not spelled right its generic name XANAX). So for over a year now my Suboxen Doctors know when I take a urine test it is positive for the Benzo. I have went to hail over this urine test coming back positive because I now have to pee for a judge and they do not believe I am not taking the BENZO. I know with every beening inside I am not doing Benzo. I PLEASE PLEASE NEED HELP. anything any paper, book, anything I can get a copy or buya book or what not that says about the medication CAN show a Faslse Positive. I need Professional help. Thank You For your time.

Symptoms: False Positive for Benzo