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Hyoid bone Fracture while lifting Weights

Patient: During training in sport club ,a weight fell on my neck. cause to me two fractures in the both sides of hyiod bone as the ct scan showed ,but the body of hyiod bone remain good and safe . the complications : 1 )terrible pain every time i swallow . 2 )choke with food to i don`t eat at all just fluids. now i had a surgery before 2 months , my local dr removed the broken two bones , the pain is gone but still don`t eat at all and choke with food and feel like hyiod bone is jammed ! my question is can i use benefit of hyiod complete removal ?




Doctor: Thy Hyoid bone is a horseshoe shaped bone located at the front and middle of the neck between your chin and the cartilag e of your thyroid. At rest, it is parallel to the base of the mandible anteriorly and to the the third cervical vertebrae posteriorly.It is the only bone in the human body not articulated to any other bone.It is held in place entirely in place by thyroid  ligaments.The hyoid bone is important because it provides the muscles of the floor of the mouth, the tongue, the larynx, the epiglottis and the pharynx a place to attach and anchor to.The hyoid bone is an extremely difficult bone to fracture but when it is damaged, swallowing, speech and tongue movement can be affected because of the muscles that rely on it for attachment.Further removal of the hyoid bone would likely cause further complications in those areas.Speak to an Otolaryngologist about the possibility of reattaching disrupted muscle attachments via a hyoid reconstruction. It is a very complex procedure and may only be available at large urban centers.


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